Conguillío National park, which in Spanish means “settle in the pine nuts”, is today the first Geopark in Chile. Together with other protected wild areas in the region, are part of Araucarias Biosphere Reserve and Parque Kütralcura.

On the 60.000 hectares of Conguillío you can find the imponent and active volcano named Llaima and Sierra Nevada glacier. Also, there are four pure and crystalline water lagoons which are connected underground, all of them have a volcanic origin and are very rich in biodiversity. The park offers to the visitants a varied range of alternatives for recreation, learning, inspiration, resting, and perform physical activity.  

The Llaima Volcano-The reappeared, Drainage, Trench, Blood vein. This are some of the meanings and names given to this Andean massif. Llaima in Mapudungún, Mapuche language, is one of the most active volcanoes in South America. Its 3.125 meters high, but its estimated that this dimension could have increased in 30 or 50 meters due to the last eruptions. Those events where registered during January 2008 and April 2009. The crater, 350 meters in diameter, registered 23 mayor events during XX century. 

Llaima has shaped the geoforms of the park through its eruptions. These events have been registered as historic between 1640 to 2008, presenting more than 70 eruptions in that period. The water bodies present in the park are recent (about 100 to 600 years). They owe its existence to the restless volcanic activity. Lava plugs prevent the free flow of the rivers, originating the current lake system. 

During La Baita existence, there has been two eruptive processes: the first one was in 1994, when we were starting with this dream, and the second one was on January 1st, 2008, when we were inaugurating the lodge.



The diversity of the flora of the park is enormous, standing out for its abundance of more than 20 native species...


The Black Carpenter, the Puma, the Pudú, the Güiña, the Condor, the Kingfisher, the Jergón Pato, and others, are part of the wonderful fauna of the Park.



In the surroundings of La Baita you will find an extraordinary variety of natural attractions, of a unique beauty.
Volcanoes, waterfalls, canyons, centenarian araucarias...


The trails are an unmissable attraction for those who enjoy nature at its best.
Native fauna and flora in your eyes. Lava roads and volcanic formations...


Conceived more than 20 years ago
Under the name of Red Interlagos, the Lakes & Volcanoes Scenic Route is a system of tourist roads that run at the foot of the Southern Andes, in the Lake District and Volcanoes of Chile. It is an unbeatable journey through a territory that again and again surprises the traveler with its fantastic natural and cultural heritage, as well as a remarkable offer of tourist services and activities.

With six circuits that run through three regions of the country and more than 2,000 kilometers of roads, the Scenic Route is in itself an experience that transports us to the origin, through a crazy geography shaped by the relentless force of volcanism, bathed by great lakes. and upholstered by the green of the oldest forests on the planet, protected in two Biosphere Reserves.

Whether in a motor home, motorcycle, vehicle or bicycle, the route offers some of the most spectacular roads in South America and the world, many of them paved. The invitation is to embark on a journey of learning and emotions, in one of the most amazing journeys that exists on the planet.
Come and discover an unmissable destination.

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Enjoy with us the tourist destinations in Melipeuco and its surroundings.

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