Our rooms


1 a 3 GUESTS

16 Mt.2

We offer 6 modular rooms – singles, doubles, or triples. All of them with a charming and first level bio architecture and warm interior design.


3 a 8 GUESTS  

50 a 110 Mt2

Spacious and comfortable 2 storey cabin, with a maximum capacity of 8 passengers.


The new way of living
IN nature.

Set of tensile and floating tents among the trees of the forest.

"Sleep floating in the air"


2023  -  2024


 The entrance to the Park is paid and is NOT contemplated in your reservation and, by the way, is paid only once.
- Our electricity generation is through solar panels and a turbine, when there is enough water.
- In addition, we have a generator set that supports a few hours in the afternoon if necessary
  For this reason it is not possible to use hair dryers or high consumption electrical items.
- Cancellations of reservations must be made in writing and only 90% of the payment can be returned 30 days before the arrival date, and 5% can be used in a subsequent reservation.
- For cancellations 15 days in advance we will return 40% of the subscription, being able to use l5% of the difference in a next opportunity
- The cabins DO NOT have a refrigerator, so we have a conservator in the reception area, where those supplies that our guests need to keep cold (perishable) are labeled. We also have refrigeration units that we can change to feed your coolers.

- There is only Entel's cell signal but we do not have WIFI since we privilege digital detoxification
- We have a fixed number that works via radio and can be used by our passengers 452581073
- Payments are in cash and / or cards since we have Transbank

- In low season it is recommended to enter the Park through the southern access, that is, without entering Temuco, take the detour Padre las Casas- Cunco- Melipeuco. Total distance 110 kilometers almost all paved

- From the airport, turn off to the south and, in Freire, take the Villarrica direction. At 15 km approx. You will find a detour to Cunco on the left, passing through Los Laureles and Las Hotencias. Then Cunco and Melipeuco
- The distance from the north access is gravel (with work in progress) and there are 40 km from Curacautín to Melipeuco, which we only recommend for 4x4 cars

Contact us: 56-45-2581073

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