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The Conguillío National Park belongs to the jurisdictions of Melipeuco and Curacautín and, depending on the phases of each commune, the access of the respective entrance opens or closes: The capacity of each entrance is 200 people, so the total capacity of 60,000 hectares It is 600 people plus the reservations of the Hotels / Lodge or Camping that are inside the park.

Phase 1: The Park will be closed.

Phase 2: You can visit the Park from Tuesday to Friday and through the access that is in Phase 2. You can stay at the hotel and occupy its facilities during the weekends, but not enter the park.

Phase 3: The Park will be open from Tuesday to Sunday, since CONAF allocates Monday to sanitize its facilities.

Note: if you are vaccinated with both doses, you will be able to access the new Mobility Pass, regardless of the commune where you live or come from.
We hold that hugging trees, hiking trails, forest bathing, and recreation in lakes are essential services with little or no risk.
In this scenario, we invite you to continue taking care of us and taking care of Mother Nature.

At La Baita Conguillío we are pleased to be able to confirm your stay with us.

Tell them that we have all our operational services and by the way all the health security measures implemented for a safe reunion.

Below we will tell you about the New Hospitality and flexibility policies for the times, details that we invite you to read carefully before your long-awaited trip of recreation, relaxation and connection with nature in La Baita Conguillío.

Tell them that CONAF has implemented a system for the sale of tickets to the National Parks via online, which will facilitate entry and compliance with capacity.
You can also download the Health Declaration and complete it digitally to speed up your entry and collaborate with the eventual traceability.

Here is the link to buy tickets:


To guarantee your stay in quarantine, a 30% payment is requested in advance.

RE-PROGRAMMING You can change the date of your stay, without season restriction valid for up to 2 years for foreigners (TTOO) and 1 year for Chileans.
Changes and modifications of the reservation are accepted 48 hours before arrival and with a similar or greater number of nights than the original reservation. The rate will only be adjusted according to the seasons.

Reservations may be changed as many times as necessary and the voucher will be kept VALID for 2 years.

CANCELLATION: If you cannot change your date, we will refund 50% of the payment, being able to use the balance valid for one year from the date of your original reservation.
For payments with webpay there will be a 4% withholding for transbank commission.

GIVE YOUR STAY PLAN: You can use your reservation another person that you determine within a year from its original date. This implies change of date and change of passenger.

NOTE: The rate update would be applied to the new date and it is not necessary to set it immediately.
There will be no refund:
• For notices less than 48 hours from the check-in date
• If the person decides to withdraw upon arrival
• If you decide to leave before your Check-out date, you will have to pay the balance of the stay
• If when you arrive at the Baita you have symptoms that warrant that you cannot make use of your reservation.

We ask you to read all the information in this newsletter before making your reservation.


We have implemented and comply with all the measures, obligations and guidelines indicated by the Ministry of Health and SERNATUR, to minimize the risk of transmission of COVID-19, in tourist accommodation. So we ask you to help us with the measures we have implemented.
We are working with shifts in the restaurant in order to guarantee the distance between tables and the allowed capacity, so we will require that you register, IN ADVANCE, in one of the two shifts.

1st SHIFT 08:00 to 09:00 13:00 to 14:00 19:00 to 20:00
2nd SHIFT 09:30 to 10:30 14:30 to 15:30 20:30 to 21:30

• We have had a sink with detox soap at the entrance of the restaurant
• We will take the temperature that will be recorded on your entry form
• We ask that in the common spaces they circulate with their masks or acquire ours when arriving at La Baita
• Respect the distance and the circulations arranged and framed
• If you need to postpone and / or change your reservation, we will obviously do so without penalty or penalties with all the will to prioritize your dates and priorities


La Baita is a place that seeks to be in harmony with nature, therefore, we have different ways of approaching sustainability and this involves delivering this message and concept to those who visit us:

- The energy we consume is produced through renewable energies, therefore we reject the use of electrical appliances that alter this flat consumption of electricity. We ask our guests to avoid the use of hair dryers and the like.

- We make an effort to separate our waste into glass, plastic, cardboard, cans and organic matter, we ask you to help us continue to contribute to the planet by using the clean point that we have next to the parking lot.

- Being inserted in the mountain, adverse conditions prevent having a stable internet connection, we ask for your patience and empathy when making check-in / check-out or card payments.


- La Baita is closer to the access through Melipeuco, so we recommend taking that route to come.

- At certain times, the accesses are easier in four-wheel drive vehicles, we ask you to find out about the conditions of the place before coming.

- Any questions write to us at or call us at 452581073 / +56997332442.

Contact us: 56-45-2581073

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