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Electric buses to transfer visitors, a recycling center, working together with tour operators and local inhabitants, in addition to energy efficiency are some of the measures that the project “Development of a management model for a zero emission tourism operation in the Protected Wild Areas ”seeks to implement in the Conguillío National Park, which was chosen as a pilot to implement this strategy that is a future awaiting the sea replicated in other protected areas of the country.

There is no doubt that in recent years the need to migrate towards more sustainable systems and projects has become increasingly noticeable. It is in this context that the consulting firm TKO Consultores and EBP designed the project “Development of a management model for a zero-emission tourism operation in the Protected Wild Areas”, with the objective of creating the first 100% sustainable protected area in Chile.

The idea is to generate a zero emission management model that is based on a pilot program that sensitizes and incorporates communities to promote decentralized and participatory energy generation, boosting energy and infrastructure efficiency, and incorporating renewable energy resources in the Areas Wild Protected (ASP).

Here you can review in depth our SUSTAINABILITY POLICY


  • Since the beginning, we have implemented eco friendly practices, being pioneers in the zone. 
  • We produce electricity independently, incorporating water and solar energy. We only use generator when is needed. 
  • We separate our trash. The organic content nourishes our fields, vegetables, and our herbs. 
  • The other kinds of trash are classified and carried to Melipeuco to be processed.  
  • We buy most of our supplies in the local community, in a range of 100 kilometers away of our facilities, if possible.
  • We hire people from the community as well.
  • We offer mainly an organic menu, cooked mostly with local products from the season.
  • We don´t have wifi signal or mobile aerials, prioritizing a self-connection and a healthy detoxifying digital experience.
  • All our activities are conceived from the respect and admiration that we have to the natural richness around us.
  • The light is provided by a system that integrates turbine and solar light, with generator set support in summer or when the water level drops. Therefore, it is not possible to use hair dryers, irons or electric appliances that consume a lot of energy. The turbine, with an optimal water level, works permanently. The solar panels support us and the generator operates in case of need.
  • The use of candles and firewood inside the cabins should be regulated and controlled by adults.
  • Throughout our operation we work to reduce to the maximum the contamination of layers and atmosphere. Therefore, we promote the frequent change of towels and sheets. The linen is renewed on the 5th day of stay, unless an early change is required as an exception.
  • To wash our passengers' clothes, we have a laundry service provided by a local family, at a distance of 18 km from our facilities. We have a 24 hour delivery system for washed clothes. In the near future we will have an eco-laundry, in the construction stage.
  • The maid service must be requested at the reception, with delivery of your keys before 12:00 noon. The earthenware wash has an extra value of $ 3,000, a contribution that goes completely to the maid.
  • We encourage to avoid throwing waste and paper to the WC, to prolong the efficient operation of the cameras.
  • We invite to classify the garbage for which containers are arranged to separate ORGANIC from INORGANIC, both outside and inside the cabins.
  • In closed spaces, smoking is not allowed and we request not to throw cigarette butts in the meadows and roads.
  • We request to move along trails and avoid traveling through meadows that make so much effort to grow and survive over the slag.
  • We ask not to tear wild flowers and avoid giving food to the foxes to prevent diseases of the native fauna.
  • We encourage you to apply the principles of NLT (Do not Leave Trace).
  • We appreciate not feeding the animals that accompany us every day, as they need to maintain a balanced diet provided by us. WE OFFER ALL OUR VISITORS A COMFORTABLE AND ENTERTAINED STAY IN BAITA AND THE NATIONAL PARK CONGUILLÍO



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