Our dream dates to the year 1994, when, falling in love with Conguillío landscapes, we felt that we wanted to build there something unique, which could coexist harmoniously with natural beauty. The first cabin was born to enjoy with the family, but the magnificence of the surroundings attracted more friends every time. That’s when we understood that pristine places like this belonged to everyone who could appreciate them.
Little by little, we built another seven cabins and on December 31st of 2008 we opened our eco-lodge with six more rooms with private bathroom, equipped with Premium Tourist quality standards. Designed by Gubbins Arquitectos y Polidura + Talhouk Arquitectos, La Baita Conguillío Lodge was built in native wood and provides a warm and welcoming environment, which respects the pristine landscapes that surrounds it.
Since then, we have been improving this dream to properly welcome the increasing demand of tourists coming from Chile and from abroad. Our service is all included and invites the tourist to rejoice with the wonders of Conguillio National Park and with the impressive Llaima Volcano as background.   



• LOVINGLY CONNECT PEOLPLE WITH NATURE, creating a space where they can learn how to take care, recognize, collaborate, value, enjoy and bond with it. We are committed with a responsible tourism and a sustainable coexistence with the social and natural environment.

• GETTING INVOLVED WITH THE COMMUNITY, contributing with the local development through our participation in communitarian instances, in the formation of work groups with local skills and talents, and supplying ourselves with services and products from the community.

• DO THINGS THE RIGHT WAY, providing a service of great quality without forgetting the warmth of the people. We face the challenges of the nature with knowledge and admiration, together with the Llaima volcano, roaring from time to time.

• BE A REPLICABLE MODEL that can generate knowledge as an Eco- Geo- Touristic center, developing programs, activities, and services with the new resource Kitralcura Geo Park. 


Nature admiration is in the heart of La Baita Congullio. We are a responsible Eco touristic center that contributes to preserve the natural resources in their magnificence and to enhance an economic and social development in the community. Specially, those communities that are isolated and affected by the severity of nature.
The harmonious coexistence with nature and with the local communities is a value that we pass to our visitors. We embrace them as friends and here they find a paradise where they can rest, walk, know, and delight their selves with the wonders of the environment.   

Emotional and substainable tourism

At La Baita Conguillio we want our visitors to receive a high-quality service, personalized and inclusive, according to the environment which surround us. To reach this goal, our commitment is to incorporate sustainable and socially responsible practices with the local community. The distinctions awarded by Trekkingchile Foundation represents the concrete commitment with the principles that inspires every implemented project.

  • Welcome Children: In La Baita Conguillío families with children can find the peace and perfect space to enjoy a comfortable and secure stay, which will be adapted to the needs of our young guests. 
  •  A tourist, a tree: We balance out the carbon footprint generated by the long trips of our foreign tourists. Planting native trees in national parks administered by CONAF contributes to reduce the CO2 emissions caused by international flights.
  • Nature for everyone: Being able to welcome tourist with restricted mobility is a fundamental principle for us. Since 2010, we provide a room completely adapted to wheel chair users, built under the accessible architecture standards. 
  • Pets are welcome: La baita Conguillio is 100% pet friendly. Our friends can walk freely through our facilities and trails. The only restriction is that they are not allowed to enter directly to the National Park. To ensure a harmonic coexistence with the other guests and clients, there are several rules and obligations prepared by the expert veterinarian Cecilia Marré, Director of Bocalán Corporation. You can read more about this information in the following link:

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